ICT & Multimedia


ICT & Multimedia

Working in Computers & ICT places you on the frontier of society, as a result it attracts innovators and those who love working with computers. The tech sector is dynamic and vibrant, but it can be demanding with the most appealing jobs requiring high skill levels in coding, hardware and data analysis. Tech companies often have informal work cultures but demand hard work and dedication in return. With technology driving change throughout society computer skills are now essential assets in any career.

The information age has ushered in advances in computer and communication technology, advances that have sparked what has been termed the “information revolution.” At the heart of this revolution is the exponential demand for access to, management of, and transformation of information. Information technology drives the dynamic information infrastructure that has become integrated on a global scale socially, culturally, and economically.

Do you have a flair for coding in Java, fixing computer bugs and setting up data networks? Or are you into producing compelling web content via slick copy, video and audio production?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then you should definitely explore the many career pathways available in the exciting world of Information, Media and Telecommunications.

The Information, Media and Telecommunications industry requires people with a diverse range of skills. From those who can drive the technology that controls the storage and dissemination of information, to creative-types, skilled at producing innovative solutions for clients wanting their business to stand out from the crowd. This industry also employs people who have solid interpersonal skills for roles in client sales and support.

Just about every organisation requires some kind of information technology facility, therefore working in this industry means the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of enterprises.

There are career pathways in data management, games and multimedia design, hardware and software maintenance and support, database design and networking. You could work as an electronics technician, a data communications tradesperson or as website designer. With relevant qualifications and experience you could even manage entire information systems. Check out the list of occupations below.