5 Reasons To Study Mass Communication

Written by: Kim Kunaawathy


Mass communication is defined as the process of creating, sending, receiving, and analysing messages to large audiences, via verbal, written and digital media. Through mass communication, information can be transmitted quickly and efficiently. If you love media, then mass communication may be the course for you. It covers a wide range from radio, journalism, print and online media, to videography and public relations, among others, and a course in Mass Communication will allow students to develop a thorough understanding of the professions involved, helping them broaden their career options. 

Although Internet have dominated mainstream media, movies and magazines continue to play a significant role in culture. The Internet’s presence has recently grown exponentially as more companies and households are going digital. TV is accessible to everyone, and content is becoming more varied, with shows targeted for people of all genders, income levels, cultures, and attitudes.  

Studying Mass Communication will be of relevance many years to come, with society and the world becoming more dependent on media and digital technology.  

Here are 5 reasons to study Mass Communication: 

Endless Career Options 

Mass Communication has a wide range of career options due to its various module. It trains you for the skills needed to succeed in the media industry. With the world relying so heavily on the media, there are many opportunities and areas to explore, to make a successful career in this field of study.  

For example, several forms of mass media could help companies in promoting their product or service. To maximize opportunities, all companies build a profile on Facebook or Instagram. Among the careers one who have studied Mass Communication can look into include jobs in Advertising & Promotion, Branding, Audio/Visual Production, Broadcasting, Corporate Communication, and Public Relations. The list is endless.  


No experience needed 

Students with any learning background, science, or art, have excellent chances of succeeding in this course. If you’re worried about not doing well because of your high school experience, don’t be. Everyone has what it takes to succeed in Mass Communication. It boils down to your determination to succeed. Just put your mind, heart, and soul in all that you do. 


 Hands-On Project 

If you fancy doing assignments or projects that include collaborating with a company or event, then you can consider doing Mass Communication. Students doing media studies are often involved in hands-on projects. They can gain valuable knowledge when engaging with mass media and digital technologies.  


It’s Fun 

A communications lecturer is always upbeat and innovative, and students mostly enjoy lessons because the subjects taught are not dry. Most of the time, students would find lessons engaging enough, resulting in new ways of learning things. When learning is experiential, it leaves an impact. 


A unique experience  

As with other fields of study, you’ll be joining a workforce that will both test your endurance, and praise your commitmentWhen you have passion for what you do, you will be able to gain enough industry experience, leading to endless possibilities, creative workforce introductionand in-class experience, all of which are unique in their own way. 

If you wish to know more Mass Communication and what it entails, a good place to start would be https://iact.edu.my/ 


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