7 Things You Can Get Out Of College… Besides A Degree!

7 Things You Can Get Out Of College… Besides A Degree!


Would you believe it, there’s more to college than just securing a degree! While getting a degree is without a doubt beneficial and your main goal in college, there are many other aspects to a college education, one being that it will teach you valuable life skills. Here are 7 skills that you can look to gain during your time at college:


1. Project management

Colleges usually have student bodies that look into the welfare of students and hold events and activities all year round to raise funds for their various activities. Think charity fundraisers, prom nights and debate competitions. You will have plenty of opportunities to collaborate with others to plan, manage and carry out these initiatives, allowing you to polish your project management skills. This skill is highly sought-after at the workplace and will stand you in good stead once you join the workforce.


2. Personal development

Besides learning new skills and expanding your knowledge base, your time in college will see you learning more about yourself through the challenges and setbacks that you may face. It’s not all negative, of course. There will be many opportunities for networking and making new friends, and new achievements to gain. One thing is certain: all these experiences are great for personal growth and character building and will mould you into a well-rounded individual capable of taking the world by storm.


3. Teamwork

College assignments usually comprise individual and group coursework, allowing you to have the best of both worlds. Group coursework is designed to encourage teamwork, collaboration, patience and the ability to adapt to different cultures, personalities and perspectives. You can expect teamwork to feature prominently in the workplace, so it’s important that you learn to be a team player!


4. Creativity and critical thinking

If you used to memorise all the facts in subjects such as history and biology as well as the formulas in Chemistry and Additional Maths, trust me, things will be very different in college! You will be forced to analyse and think critically to develop hypotheses, illustrate your viewpoints succinctly and find creative ways to solve problems in a rational and systematic manner. A big part of college education entails learning to stand on your own two feet, and honing your creativity and critical thinking skills is a surefire way to do that!


5. A sense of duty to the community

Charity begins at home, so goes the saying. Which is not to say that you can’t practice the art of giving at college as well! In fact, you should seize the opportunity to initiate or get involved in charity events and community engagement programmes that enable you to give back to the community. These efforts not only broaden your horizons and build character, they also cultivate a sense of togetherness and belonging.


6. Communication

If you can’t express yourself clearly, you’re going to have a lot of difficulties finding your footing at the workplace in future. While having a stellar CGPA might be useful to get you in the door of a corporate giant, it won’t be enough to sustain you in the long run, especially if you are unable to communicate your views, ideas and explanations clearly and succinctly. Good communicators are usually good leaders, so you’d want to brush up on your communication skills while at college if you’re looking to rise the ranks at work!


7. Networking

You will be meeting with plenty of new people and although many may just turn out to be acquaintances, there will be some who will become firm friends in the long run. Strong friendships are often forged at college as there will be many opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. The time spent together working on assignments and projects fosters a sense of camaraderie that often leads to lifelong friendships that may even come in handy professionally, in the future.

As you can see, the college experience is more than just cramming for exams and getting that long-awaited scroll. There are major learning opportunities beyond the lecture and examination halls if you will seize the chance to make the most out of your college life!