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Careers For Creative People

The passionate, the dreamers, the big thinkers, and the innovators – different ways used to describe the creative side of a person. The creative field usually involves imagination and original thinking, particularly, work in the arts and media. So, what are types of jobs suitable for those with a creative streak? Here are some of […]

5 Things To Know About Studying Online As An International Student

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, many things have been put on hold indefinitely, even as we continue to adapt to the new normal. Road trips, holidays…even studying overseas. Yes, the safety precautions of travel lock-downs in most countries will definitely get in the way of pursuing studies abroad. However, it’s not the end […]

What You Should Know About A Career In Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism industry is booming. As more flights are being connected between cities across the globe and airlines are competing with each other to offer more affordable flight tickets, more and more people are planning holidays than ever before. It shows that tourism and hospitality is continuing to grow and that is why now would […]

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