How Online Edu Fairs Are Better Than the Real Deal

An Online Education Fair seems like such a foreign concept, doesn’t it? Yet another aspect this pandemic has changed. Whilst I understand the apprehension, these online fairs are one of the few incredible things that have come out of this pandemic.

If you’ve attended both a traditional, in-person education fair and an online one, you might understand what I mean. The long hours, travel time, inability to keep track of all the information – it can all get rather exhausting, resulting in some people choosing not to attend for these reasons. And this is a shame because education fairs can be a major tool in making important decisions regarding your future.

Here’s where online fairs step in to remedy all the drawbacks of physical education fairs, allowing attendees to have a more pleasant experience and reap the utmost benefits. The following are a few reasons why online education fairs can be better than the real deal.


1. Information at your fingertips

At physical fairs, you’d have to walk around for hours, visiting booths, collecting information and moving from panel to panel. This was the worst part about attending an education fair! But now that fairs have gone online, prepare yourself for the ultimate experience.

All you need is to register online, and you’ll have information at your fingertips! You can move from panels with just a few clicks and instead of collecting numerous physical brochures (which let’s face it, we’ve all lost along the way), you can now save digitised brochures neatly into a folder.

You also no longer have to walk between booths – just chat with the relevant counsellors and you’d have all the information you need in half the usual amount of time! And since you can save chats and rewatch recordings of panel sessions, this information will always literally be at your fingertips.


2. Reduce your carbon footprint

Brochures, leaflets, forms – thousands of these had to be printed for physical education fairs! And most of these materials probably ended up in the trash. With online fairs, everything has been digitised!

In addition to this, online fairs reduce consumption by avoiding the use of massive halls that require lots of electricity and preventing thousands of people from utilising their vehicles to travel to these fairs.

This transformation has made online fairs more environmentally friendly and in turn, each of us has significantly reduced our carbon footprint!


3. Avoid traffic jams and travelling expenses

Remember the dread of having to go through traffic jams, spending hours on the road and incurring travel expenses in order to attend education fairs? With online fairs, we don’t have to worry about any of these aspects!

It used to be such a hassle to attend these fairs for people not living in KL – the inaccessibility was outrageous! But now, if you’re from Sabah, you no longer have to travel all the way to KL – just register online and you’ll have access to all the information you need.


4. Easier navigation

I remember one time I attended a fair and missed a really important panel discussion because I got the timings wrong. This was a major #facepalm moment!

Now that everything is online, you can automatically sync schedule timings with your virtual calendars. (and avoid possible #facepalm moments). And this convenience is not the only factor that has made navigation easier at online fairs.

With unlimited space and in the absence of massive crowds, you can navigate through the fair at your own pace and from your own personal space. You don’t have to struggle to look for booths and spend hours waiting in between panels.


5. Stay safe from the comfort of your home

Online education fairs allow its attendees to procure all the information they need from the comforts and safety of their homes. Some may argue that going to education fairs with friends is the best part, but who says you still can’t do this? Organise a call with your friends and you can all attend the fair together – virtually!

It is vital that we remain indoors during these challenging times, but that doesn’t mean your education needs to be put on hold. These online fairs ensure that your plans and aspirations for the future are not disrupted by the ongoing pandemic.

Online fairs and events are the future, and by acclimatising ourselves to this new normal, we are preparing ourselves for the future of work.


I hope this article has expelled most of the apprehension you may have been harbouring towards online education fairs. These virtual fairs are truly revolutionising the status quo!

Who says the pandemic has to take away from your college/university experience? In fact, we have found a way to enhance it! BAC Education is hosting an online edu fair on the 19th and 20th of June – registration is FREE! Experience the wonders of an online fair whilst procuring all the information you need to make a decision about your future!