How To Thrive As A Young Woman Entering The Workforce

Securing your first job is a major transition which may be a daunting process, more so for women entering a male-dominated workforce despite more job opportunities open to women in today’s job market.

The question remains, what do young women entering the workforce need to know to excel at the workplace?

Here are some basic tips for women to excel at the workplace.

1. Be adaptable and eager to learn. Adaptability skills is an important soft skill sought after by employers in the workplace of the future. It all starts with the proper mindset and willingness to embrace change. As a new hire in a workplace, avoid complaining when you are faced with a mundane task as it is an opportunity for you to learn the ropes and gain trust and confidence from your colleagues. However, be wary of being pushed around or being talked down to or the use of sexist language as these are clearly unacceptable behaviour.

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2. Connect with other female colleagues at the workplace but avoid making comparisons. Building a rapport with other females at the workplace including senior colleagues creates a support system at work and to look out for one another. Always exercise caution in what you say or choose to confide in with colleagues (male or female) until you are convinced that they are trustworthy or simply to avoid any potential conflict. In addition, comparing yourself with other female colleagues and their accomplishments may result in low self-esteem which affects your own productivity at work.

3. Play to your strengths and constantly upskill yourself. Utilising skills that make you a valuable asset to the company is equally important as being motivated to upskill yourself. Always work on improving your weaknesses and using your existing skills to stand out from other employees.

4. Be open to criticism. When you receive feedback about your work, look at it as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Although it may be tough to hear that your skills are not as good as you thought they were, avoid getting emotional and dwelling on it. Everyone makes mistakes. Embrace it as part of the learning curve and learn to avoid such mistakes in the future.

5. Be independent and also a team player. Employees who excel at the workplace are often those who are both independent workers and team players. Another set of integral soft skills of the future is the ability to work independently under minimal supervision and also knowing when to collaborate as a team.

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