Is A UK Transfer Degree For You?

That feeling of relief 

Yes, I am talking about that exact one where you practically want to run around, screaming,

Yesssss…it’s finally over!!” I’m referring to the exams (SPM, IGCSE, GCSE, O-Level). 

Now at the back of your mind, you may have already considered a few optionsShould I enroll for a course immediately Should I take a gap year? Should I start working? Should I pursue my studies locally, or overseas? 

You would have looked into the possibility of doing the STPM, or continuing your studies at tertiary level (Foundation, Diploma), or perhaps, a UK Transfer Degree Programme would have crossed your mind. 

The deal is, no matter what you decide to do, make informed decisions. Choose wisely.  

For decades, international students have been looking at UK as the ideal place to study, earning theinstant recognitionand the ticket to a competitive global workforce. This programme is designed for students who wish to obtain a UK degree, with the option of completing the degree by transferring to reputable UK partner universities, either choosing to do 2+1 (2 years here1 year at a partner university), or 1+2 (1 year locally2 years abroad). 

For starters, let us walk you through why you should consider a UK Transfer Degree Programme. 


Amazing Academic Reputation 

UK universities are ranked among the top in the world, and they are highly competitive. Not only are these esteemed universities top picks for British students, they are researched and sought after by international students seeking the best education experience. When you opt to do a UK Transfer Degree program, you are deemed a foreign university graduate. UK degrees are internationally recognized, and is considered reputable by most employers 



Doing a transfer programmeindirectly affords you the time and space to save before the big trip there. With the opportunity of having to just spend one year (or two) abroad, as opposed to all 3 years, you will be saving on cost of living – accommodation, food, and daily spending. Having to prep yourself here, before leaving to UK also gives you the necessary time to learn about the place you are going to, its surroundings, culture, and people. 



Exposure to Different Cultures 

You may, or not, have realized, but UK, just like most countries around the world, is a tolerant, and multi-cultural one. If you are worried about having difficulties adapting to western culture, fret not, as the population there is quite diverse. Apart from being able to practise your own tradition in another country, you will be exposed to the rich history and background of the country itself. Not only that, UK being central in location also makes it easier for you to travel to other parts of Europe. Take advantage of this, and explore other countries in the region, especially during your summer break. 


Work Upon Graduation 

You will be pleased to also know that from July 2021, international students (from approved UK universities) can stay in the country, with new visa, for two years after graduation. With the Graduate Immigration Route visa, the UK government has confirmed that international students can stay on for up to two years for work. Upon graduating, if you decide to stay, make full use of this opportunity to work and learnexplore, and travel around the country (if you have not done so) whilst you were studying. 

The above are just a few plus points of doing a UK Transfer Degree programmeScout and choose your higher learning institution based on its reputation and ranking, what it has to offer you, ensuring it falls within your (or shall I say, parents’) means. 

If you wish to get a clearer picture on the pathways of a UK Transfer Degree programme, the counsellors at BAC Education will be more than happy to assist you. 

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