Is Coding A Futureproof Job Skill?

Think of something you have done via a computer or smartphone recently– sending an email, taking a selfie on your phone or booking a Grab car – all these applications are made with code! Basically, without codescomputerand technology would become redundant because coding tells the computer what to do, it is a programming language – the language of the modern world. 

Here are reasons why coding is a skill which is regarded as futureproof and could benefit just about anyone. 

1. Learn to code or ‘get coded’ 

With the rise of machines and computer technology, it is crucial in the business world that humans learn to code or face the prospects of losing their jobs. By 2030, The Guardian reported that close to 400 million to 800 million jobs are expected to be lost and replaced by AI-powered robots and programs. Today, it is not surprising that there are more people deciding to learn how to code with 23 million coders in the world (Source: The Guardian –Rise of the Machines: Why Coding Is The Skill You Have To Learn, 25 October 2018). In fact, coding is no longer viewed as a skill relevant to ‘techies’ – anyone and everyone can and should learn to code. 

2. Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills  

Coding helps an individual to identify and analyse a problem/task by understanding processes, literally one line at a time. It also encourages problem-solving skills by finding solutions through testing and repeating a process to achieve improved results. An example of this approach in coding is troubleshooting where programmers find better solutions by approaching a problem from different angles. 

3. Builds confidence and adaptability

Learning how to codeencourages an individual to be open to new ideas for constant improvements as each website or app is different in terms of its functionality and aesthetic designThe concept of ‘debugging’ in coding ie identifying a problem and fixing it requires perseverance and once a problem is solved it builds confidence in an individual to try new and different methods of solving a problem. 

4. Increases innovative and collaborative skills

Many apps and websites were designed by teams with new ideas. It is not surprising that coding calls for collaboration, an essential skill at the workplace. Coding equips the workforce with innovative skills to deliver transformational products rather than just being passive technology usersIn other words, it empowers you do something you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do! 

5. Alternative career options 

If you are looking for a career change, then coding provides numerous career options in various industries such as transportation, construction, medicine, or even fashion as a web developer, data scientist or programmer. 


Whether you are looking to simply understand technology, make your own website as a hobby, start your own online business or make a career change, learning to code sets you up for success in the future! 


By Archana Patrick