Mass Communication + Multipotentialites = Perfect Match!

Have your mother ever nagged you about being a Jack of all Trades, but Master of None? Have you had struggles to complete a task because you are distracted by many other interesting things happening around you?  

If these ring a bell, you are most likely amultipotentialite! 

Who is a Multipotentialite?

Break down the word and you will realise that it simply means someone with multiple potentials! A Multipotentialite is not about specialising in just one area but having the intellectual ability to excel in a few different fields.  

Historically, some of the famous Multipotentialites include Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Aristotle – just to name a few. Da Vinci was known to have constantly blamed himself for not completing the tasks he set out but the world will always remember him as an inspiration with his ideas in the fields of science, maths, engineering and anatomy. Multipotentialites have this incredible ability to creatively bring together disparate ideas and make them work harmoniously and beautifully. 

In short, be happy to be termed as a Multipotentialite and No, there really isn’t anything wrong with that – because Multipotentialites are cool that way – and your potentials are endless! So, what makes a Multipotentialite? These are the two traits we found in Multipotentialites: 

  • You say “I AM BORED” far too often! As it is, our time on earth is too short and there is so much we don’t know. Hence, there is this inherent need to want to know more. Multipotentialites thrive on exploring, learning and mastering new skills, and it is now made easy as knowledge can be so easily attainable at our fingertips. 


  • You are often misunderstood by many! You may often get called “Flaky and “Random or often being questioned by people asking “Are you sure you can do this? You have never done this before”. The truth is Multipotentialites are meant to do just that. Challenges and the unknown take you further because you are wired to explore new worlds. 

Careers for Multipotentialites

Ask a multi-potentialite what they want to do as a career and chances are you will not get a straight answer. The problem is not because they don’t know what to do but rather they don’t understand why they need to specialize in somethingTherefore, interdisciplinary is something attractive to the multi-potentialite, and one of the best fields to venture in is the Mass Communication – where you get to learn from the science of human behaviors, the art of crafting messages, and also, engineering the many communication medium – both traditional and digital. 

As a student fresh out of SPM, there will be fears morphed into fuel for the next phase of your life. Instead of seeing limitations or hurdles, you will see possibilities and options as a multipotentialite. Instead of being afraid or feeling a sense of uncertainty, energize and embrace yourself to the multiplicity of your interests and goals. Society’s definition of success no longer limits you, and it shouldn’t limit anyone at all.   

Reach out to a student counsellor or academic personnel if you need questions answered. Better still, use wisely and take that first step to a bright future.