New Year’s Resolutions You Should Try Out

Hey guys, great news. We officially survived Jumanji!!! Okay, maybe not Jumanji, but you have to admit, 2020 was the year NO ONE could have predicted; fires, a pandemic outbreak, widespread lock-downs and economic downturns, just to name a few ‘surprises’ the year threw at us. So, for most of us, New Year resolutions flew right out the window!

But hey, on the bright side, we’ve made it to a whole new year, and there’s no harm trying a few resolutions this time around. No need to torture yourself though, these are just some suggestions to ensure a more productive and uplifted 2021. Let’s check them out, shall we?


1. Learn A New Skill


It doesn’t have to be something major! Instead, this year, take baby steps towards participating in an activity which you’ve been interested in. Try out that pasta recipe you’ve seen online, or sign up for those online art classes you’ve been eyeing. It could possibly backfire, or you could pick up a new skill which enriches your life.


2. Do Something You Love Everyday

This could be as simple as spending a few minutes snuggling with your pet, to enjoying a cup of evening coffee after a long day. By taking just a few minutes doing something you enjoy, you can give yourself a boost of serotonin…and destress, improving productivity and energy in the process!


3. Take Care of Your Health – Physical AND Mental

You don’t need to come up with a ‘killer’ workout routine, or obsessively worry about your mental health. As we mentioned earlier, try baby steps. Instead of diving into a punishing fitness routine, try a simple round of 20 minute cardio. Instead of focusing strictly on ‘thinking positively”, try penning down your thoughts and giving yourself time to acknowledge them.


4. Set Daily Personal Goals

Resolutions focusses on improving certain areas, such as health or personal development. Unfortunately, most tend to lose motivation, either by fumbling with sticking to the resolution, or setting vague goals. This time round, try setting simpler, more specific goals, such as “I will jog on the treadmill 20 minutes a day” or “I will meditate 10 minutes a day”.


5. Give Yourself Credit When You Deserve it

Here’s something to keep in mind: we have just lived through a horrifically difficult year. But we made it. Do not beat yourself up over not developing new skills or talents over the period of lock-downs and curfews. You made it through the year, and that is enough. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!


Now that you have some ideas for resolutions, here’s the part where you try to achieve them. You don’t have to tackle all of these, just the ones which resonate the most with you. And remember, don’t beat yourself up if you falter. Failure is one of the many steps to success.


Good Luck everyone, and Happy New Year!