Signs You Are Meant To Be In Law School

Think you are law school material?

Pursuing law may be expensive and hard. To avoid disappointment, here are some signs that law school is meant for you.

1. You know exactly what you want to do with your law degree

Let’s be honest, studying law prepares you to be a lawyer. Although a law degree may be versatile and offers a variety of alternative career options, ask yourself if you are prepared to spend as much time and money investing in a law degree rather than a degree which is suited to your specific career goal. The point is, make sure that studying law is relevant and suits your career goals.

2. You have interned at a law firm and enjoyed the experience

Having first-hand experience in a legal setting helps you gauge whether you are meant to be a lawyer in the future. Why invest time and money studying law and end up having to stick it out and feel miserable being in practice later on? Make an informed decision by speaking to friends in the legal field or family members who have been practising law and manage your expectations accordingly.

3. You have excellent writing skills but don’t want to study journalism

You have a knack for writing and rather spend time crafting logical arguments than lifestyle articles for a magazine. With the world journalism going digital, writers are expected to also be designers and photographers, etc. Perhaps, you could put your writing and legal skills to good use in writing or editing legal articles or publications.

4. You can cope well with loads of reading

Part and parcel of law school will necessarily involve reading, a lot of reading, to be exact. Beyond merely memorising facts, students are required to know how to take apart their reading – ie the key issues put forward in each case, the legal principles applied and the outcome of the case to revisit later on. If you don’t mind multi-colour coded notes and reading a stack of books, this course is the perfect fit for you!

5. You are not afraid to take a stand

Many seasoned (and successful) legal practitioners are those who fight for the voiceless. A good way to know if you are ready to fight for a cause and defend others is by volunteering your time with an emphasis on advocacy work. By specialising in one area of the law that you enjoy, it will be much easier to pull through during tough times.

At the end of the day, make sure you are pursuing law for the right reasons. Don’t go to law school because you are not sure what else to do with your life!