Hospitality & Tourism


Hospitality & Tourism

There is more to it than meets the eye. The tourism and hospitality industry is an umbrella covering a sea of fun and engaging careers, from being a food and beverage manager on a high-end cruise line to orchestrating a top sound music festival. In an industry that is constantly growing and evolving to new trends, why not jump on board and explore the options? Hospitality and tourism career opportunities await!

The travel & tourism industry makes up 9.8 % of global GDP, and it’s still growing. Responsible for one out of every eleven jobs worldwide, the industry is the world’s largest employer according to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO.

Whether you are looking for the best field to start your career, or you want a new profession, the tourism and hospitality industry is an excellent choice.

Career opportunities in tourism and hospitality are growing steadily as the industry continues to boom and evolve.

Indeed, hospitality and tourism management career options are predicted to grow from the industry’s current place at 1 in 10 jobs on the planet to 1 in 9 jobs on the planet or 380 million jobs worldwide by 2027. [Source]

Hospitality management careers offer a fun and challenging work environment, they make it possible travel and work in cities around the world, and they expose workers to many different people and cultures. And there are other, more factual reasons to choose a hospitality management career: it’s a growing employment sector that offers good security and opportunities to advance in a career for the future.