What You Should Know About A Career In Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism industry is booming. As more flights are being connected between cities across the globe and airlines are competing with each other to offer more affordable flight tickets, more and more people are planning holidays than ever before. It shows that tourism and hospitality is continuing to grow and that is why now would be the perfect time to jump right in.

Vast career prospects in tourism and hospitality

For those planning to take the plunge and join the tourism and hospitality industry, career prospects include being a travel consultant, hotel manager, tour operator, event and conference organiser, PR manager and more. As the industry keeps growing, so will the job opportunities.

Working hours are unconventional for some

Working in tourism and hospitality can mean odd hours as tourism never sleeps. Typically, this could include working night shifts apart from the usual 9 to 5 routine. Most venues are closed after 5 pm but there also tours, venues and events in convention centres and hotels that run well into the night.

Opportunity to be internationally recognised

The BA (Hons) Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management at Reliance College equips students with an internationally recognised degree at a fraction of the cost of studying in the UK. This qualification is bound to open door to employment opportunities abroad for graduates while offering them the option to continue their studies locally.

Customer service and strong communication skills are a must

Having an outgoing personality is definitely one of the characteristics that goes a long way in the industry as tourism and hospitality is all about making sure that every guest gets the best experience while under the care of a professional member of the industry. Additionally, industry professionals should also possess strong communication skills and people skills.

Gain new skills at a faster rate

The Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management gives you the opportunity to hone your expertise with not just one but two specialisations. You can also earn maximum credit transfers when it comes to pursuing your degrees either locally or abroad.

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