Why Having Your Own Morning Routine Can Be Beneficial

Mornings can often feel very rushed and stressful – from waking up late, to feeding your dog, to getting ready for work or school, to preparing your own breakfast. Which do you even do first? How do you walk out the door on time while feeling ready to tackle the day?

The key to a good and productive day; is a morning routine.

The definition of a morning routine will vary for everyone. You may not be a morning person, but it is important to establish some sort of a routine, as they can make a world of a difference. They enhance productivity throughout the day, ensure that goals are achieved, boost organisation and increase confidence in oneself.

Research has shown that how you start your day, has a crucial impact on how the rest of your day plays out. Routines allow you to begin your day with confidence and positivity. Read on to know more.


  1. Confidence

Confidence here refers to good self-efficacy; the belief that you are capable of completing tasks and achieving your goals. When you have a morning routine, you are setting yourself up for a sense of accomplishment and control. There is better prioritisation, effective time management, increased productivity. You wake up knowing what you have to do and how much time you have to do it. Once you tick all of that off your list, your self-efficacy increases and in turn so does your confidence. A regular or even relaxed paced morning, also ensures that you remain calm and collected.


  1. Structure

Rather than allowing yourself to endure chaotic mornings with screaming kids, whining pets, or running out the door on an empty stomach, have a structure. A morning routine will instil some structure, it is as simple as that. Think about the stress that comes with having to rush through each morning, scrambling from one thing to another, when you can easily make a list of everything you need to do, allocate some time for each task, and wake up according to how much time you need to do these things every morning. Structure = less stress, less chaos.


  1. Productivity

Set the tone for the rest of your day. By starting your day with a list of daily tasks and habits and completing them then and there, you are not only getting them out of the way giving yourself more time for other things, but you are also building this productive energy for the rest of the day leaving no room for procrastination or laziness. Ticking things off your list with give you these feel-good vibes and leave you wanting more! Thus, you will head out and seek these vibes, which will boost productivity. Completing these tasks may feel like a chore at first, but once you get into the habit of it, you will not even have to think about what you need to do, you just do them like clockwork, and it will not even deplete your energy.


  1. Bye-bye snooze

Knowing that you have a list of things that you need to get done, tends to reduce the chances of you hitting that snooze button. You may feel exhausted and low on energy when your alarm rings, but something about having routines and structure just gets you right out of bed, otherwise your whole day is just sort of ‘off balance’. If you do hit that snooze button, you might have to sacrifice that steaming mug of coffee or extra time in the shower and who wants that, right?


  1. Peace of mind

Morning routines can be quite calming. Something about having control over what you decide to do and how your day starts. You get to decide whether you need an hour for breakfast or if you want to fit a workout in before work. Having these blocks of time for certain tasks can be mentally freeing and peaceful.


Do you have a morning routine? If you don’t, create one today! Remember, morning routines have to suite your needs and abilities. It should not make you feel overwhelmed and distressed, so start with something simple and change it around to fit your lifestyle and preferences. You can even get some inspiration from your idols and role models!