Why Study Law?

It is commonly known that as a law student, you quickly become the go-to person for “free legal advice” (yes, even if you are a first year law student!). Reciting Latin maxims and legal lingo is just another one of your many (hidden) talents.

Friends who have studied law often lament about getting used to ploughing through legal textbooks, law reports and tons of case law studies, to the point that you begin to wonder whether it is worth all the trouble.

Hold on, there are some sound reasons that make up for it all. Consider these 5 reasons to love studying  law.

1. The global standing of an English law degree. Obtaining an English law degree provides the opportunity to gain employment in Commonwealth countries and not only in Malaysia. Studying for a UK law degree also gives you valuable insights into the most influential legal system in the world.

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2. Gain a better competitive edge over graduates from other disciplines. Law affects many areas of our lives. Studying for a versatile degree enables you to develop your interest in just about anything from politics to publishing and international relations. No wonder many world leaders and iconic public figures have a background in law!

3. You are not fazed by myths about law school. You are not one to be easily influenced by common perceptions about law school being elitist and way too intense. Studying for a law degree especially a UK law degree alongside many other students around the world is not only a rewarding experience but a humbling one, too. If anything, you develop pertinent skills that help you stand on your own two feet such as problem-solving skills rather than crumble under pressure when faced with obstacles.

4. It’s not all about cramming cases and statutes or sitting for examinations. The law school experience is not meant to be all work and no play. Your calendar will be filled with networking events, moot competitions, debates and legal seminars to help you improve not only your legal knowledge but also practical skills such as advocacy skills crucial for a career as a legal professional and not just a lawyer. In short, going to law school means gaining skills, not just knowledge.

5. You get to make a difference in society. Today, many legal minds especially young legal minds who graduate from law school not only aspire to make big bucks but more importantly to make a difference in society. Equipped with relevant legal knowledge, you can be that voice and fight for the rights of marginalised members of society and those are unable to defend themselves-children, women, the elderly and refugees, to name a few.