Work in Progress- Get Organised While You WFH

“Work from home? How am I going to manage that???” you may have wondered when the initial order for corporate offices to initiate working from home was given out. Well, you probably already have a desk or office set up at home, and you could manage working from there, but how is this a feasible long-term solution?


Fast-forward to nearly a year later, and working from home seems well on its way to becoming a normalised part of the working experience. But while most of us are now more comfortable with working from home, an issue that does tend to crop up is one’s disorganised home office space- or one’s lack of one. Hey, no fear…here are some tips to turn your home office into a space that fuels your drive, and maximises productivity.


1. Define Your Work Space

One of the plus points of working from home (unless you’re living alone or away from family), is, of course, more time with family. However, there can be times when your family, as much as you love them, may not understand your need for space to concentrate on work. You CAN, however, avoid this, by involving them in the process of deciding, or setting up your home office space. This helps establish your work space as a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ zone, and serves as a gentle reminder that while you are at home, you’re still working.


2. Keep ‘Work Space’ and ‘Personal Space’ Separate

Unless you happen to have a spare room available, chances are that you’ll need to squeeze a functional home office space in, wherever you can. While it may be convenient to set up a desk next to your bed and call it a day, it’s important to ensure that your work space and personal space are kept SEPARATE to define where you work and where you unwind. You don’t need to run off to a different room altogether though; simply putting up a small divider, or curtain can help mark off the area that functions as your work space. Once your workday is done, exit the area and pull back the curtain-keep work out of sight and mind until the next day!


3. Set up an Organisation System…and Stick To It!

Working from home may seem easier for us to tackle a lot of pending tasks, but it may be even easier to be inadvertently swamped by them. Set up a simple system to keep yourself organised, and on top of things. Basic to-do lists, reminders and post it notes can go a long way in helping you remember and plan out tasks!


4. Take the phrase “A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place” Seriously

Another method of ensuring a consistent flow of top-quality work is by keeping your space, both mentally and physically, clutter free! Keep track of the items on your desk, and make sure they’re stored neatly – pens in pen holders, paper clips in a small box rather than scattered around the table, your device chargers in the desk drawer instead of snaking along the table top, etc. This creates a tidier environment which, in turn, promotes a better work flow and improves your productivity.


5. Keep It Simple

You don’t need to break the bank to set up a home office space. You just need to keep it simple. While working from home does give you the freedom to design a more personalised office set-up, consider this; Are you setting up a personal work space, or a showroom? There’s no harm in adding in a few personal touches (like photos or mini-pot plants), but remember, the focus of a home work space should be just that – work! Keep excess decorations to a minimum and use your desktop to hold what you actually need for work. Your concentration will thank you.


Pretty simple tips, right? And yet, they could make a world of difference to your home office experience! So why wait, give them a try and let your productivity soar!